Posted May 7, 2013, at 5:30 p.m.
By Carly Boers

The Tulip apron: Too pretty for greasy hands.

I spent this past Sunday morning soaking up the sunshine and perusing booth upon booth of covetable wares at the inaugural Chicago Flea MKT.

When a bright wrap skirt caught my eye, I hightailed it over to Chicago-based Ann Perry Designs’ booth for a closer look. To my surprise (and temporary confusion), the skirt was backless—and not a skirt at all, but the world’s most stylish apron.

Would I finally make good on my resolution to cook dinner more often if it meant I got to accessorize with this tulip-shaped number? Maybe not.

But at least the apron would make me look fabulous when I answered the door for the delivery guy.      

$40 at



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Look so beautifull


Look so beautifull

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